You love your family and you work hard to offer them financial security. Naturally, you want to secure their future even after you’ve passed on. The best way to accomplish this is through estate planning. Meek Law Firm can offer peace of mind to both you and your loved ones by guiding you through the legal complexities to the protections you need.

The first and most important document you need to provide for your loved ones is a will. Attorney Jonathan Meek has the expertise and experience you need to create a will that meets all legal requirements and clearly and completely declares your wishes. He will lead you through the process step by step, from the initial consultation where he will assess your particular needs to the signing of the final document.

Another key piece of estate planning can be establishing a trust. A trust is used to funnel some kind of assets to a beneficiary, and the trust sets up the stipulations and information about how these assets are to be transferred. There are a number of different kinds of trusts. Meek Law Firm will be able to understand the best option for your needs. The increasing variety of different kinds of trusts means that regardless of the unique family situation or the desires of the trust creator, there is likely an arrangement that will be suitable.

Jonathan Meek has helped many individuals with estate planning needs and he is ready to assist you as well. Contact Meek Law Firm today to discuss your estate planning options. Call (704) 848-6335 or use the contact form on the right of this page to schedule a consultation appointment.